'Coffee-food pairing' What foods compliment coffee?

'Coffee-food pairing' What foods compliment coffee?

Have you ever noticed that coffee tastes terrible straight after cleaning your teeth or drinking orange juice? According to research that's because coffee tastes best with foods that contain similar flavour tones. For example when my wife asks me if I want 'coffee and cake' for morning tea I instantly start salivating at the thought, this is because the sweetness in cakes matches the natural nutty, caramel and cocoa tones found in well roasted specialty coffees. The Italians cottoned on to this 'sweet food-coffee' concept with their wildy popular and exquisite pairing of ice cream and a shot of coffee, in the form of a desert known as an Affogato. Cakes also contain flavours and ingredients that can be tasted in coffees, we're talking things like berries, banana, chocolate, caramel, butter plus an array of fruits, nuts and other popular spices and fillers. On the flip side, foods that are sour will ruin your coffee completely, these foods are guranteed to turn your favorite espresso or latte into a tongue twisting, face scrunching, cup of unpleasantness. Think sour apples, pineapple, lemons, sour oranges and mandarins, grapefruit, sour grapes or just about any sour type food. So the key to remember, is that sweets, cakes, biscuits, icecream... and coffee are an amazing food pairing that will compliment your favorite single origin or blend.

I will leave it at that for now and I encourage any avid coffee/food lover to take note of the way various foods and coffees compliment each other. This is just the tip of the coffee-food pairing' iceberg, because other variable such as, types of coffees, roast profile and brew method also affect the quality of the pairing. More to come on this topic in the future.


In the mean time, to keep your appetites wet and your minds ticking over I will attach a link to a good article on this topic.


Now for that coffee and cake.......mmmmmmm