About Us

My Name is Michael, I was born, raised and now reside in the beautiful Blue Mountains just outside of Sydney. I started this online coffee business out of my passion for quality coffee and a desire to see others enjoy fanatstic coffee too. It all started back in 1995 when I was just a teenager, I was lucky enough to visit Europe for a few months with my mum. I remember my first experience of Italian coffee when I ordered 'coffee' from the menu in a restaurant, my expectation at that time was for a nice cup or mug of milky coffee with some chocolate on top. To my shock and horror  a tiny cup 1/3 filled of a straight shot (or what i now believe to have been a double ristretto) of some of Italy's finest espresso coffee. I remember expressing to my mum the belief that we had been ripped off and being very annoyed. However despite that I drank this intense, thick syrupy and now sugar laden double ristretto, and hated it. However the next night and a new restaurant (in Rome) I finished my dinner and dessert (the standard Creme Brulee) I found myself hankering for one of those nasty little cups of super strong awesomeness, I was hooked. Years later back in Australia I ordered a large Flat white a realised that I was drinking a cup of milk with some hints of coffee flavour. From then on my standard was a 'small flat white', this later changed to a piccolo and now today my standard is, yes you guessed it, my first love, a double ristretto (or short black), I also love long blacks and filter coffee with no milk and always from specialty coffee cafe's.


I have worked in and around coffee ever since I first started in the hospitality industry when i left school. I have worked as a barista both here in Australia and in the USA. I started out some years ago as an avid home roaster and have imported raw green coffee beans from all over the world. Myself and my award winning coffee roaster Patrizio Blandi, cup (taste) all the coffees we receive checking for the very best flavour profiles and nuances which make the best coffee. Our roaster Patrizio, has an amazing taste and eye for perfectly roasted coffee, bringing years of experience and award winning coffee roasting finesse to every bean. All our coffees are ethically sourced from reputable coffee importers who offer full disclosure of coffee origins and full traceability of each coffee. We are committed to ethically grown and sourced coffee from around the globe.

Roasting principles:

Single Origin Specialty Coffee beans: These Specialty coffee beans are artisan roasted one batch at a time, to bring out each bean’s exquisite and unique characteristics. Our passion is about sourcing and craft roasting the very best Single Origin coffees in season. Each Specialty Single Origin Coffee needs to be roasted to its own unique profile, some coffee tastes better slightly lighter while others work better with a fuller roast. None of our coffee are roasted 'dark', we prefer to max out with a deep medium roast and some of our very best seasonal Single Origin coffees are just amazing in a light roast.   We love the flavour nuances found between origins, crops and lots, you will too. 

We also sell the highest quality hand crafted blends which bring together the unique characteristics of the beans to create new well rounded and amazing flavours that will tantalize your pallet and give you a naturally sweet short black, Latte and cappuccino. Our blends are unique and well rounded, perfect for all types of brew methods but are particularly good with milk! We like to roast our blended Specialty Coffee a slightly deeper medium roast so that they are just amazing in the coffee classics such as Lattes, Flat Whites and Cappuccinos. 

Because we artisan roast each batch of coffee to order, this ensures maximum freshness and crema, and also the best flavour and character is revealed in the cup for you. This method allows the unique subtleties of each coffee to shine with every sip leaving a beautiful fresh aftertaste. Our coffee is roasted to a lighter medium level for filter and plunger coffees and a deeper medium for espresso and stove top coffees. This method allows us to bring out the sweetness and lighter fruity notes of individual coffees. ultimately revealing the unique character of the origin from which the beans were grown.

Note: We can grind the coffee for you at your request, however we suggest for the ultimate coffee experience to invest in a quality burr grinder or standard spice grinder in order to experience the best that specialty coffee has to offer. (Ask us about the best grinders for home use). This is because once coffee is ground it begins to stale immediately and this can have a negative impact on the freshness and flavour in the cup. Whole beans lock in the flavour and can last happily in a coffee bag for weeks.


Make sure you keep an eye out for new coffees as I am always seeking that perfect coffee!