Stove Top

Stove Top

Grind Size: Slightly coarser than espresso. Similar to brown sugar.

Step 1: Fill filter basket to the top with freshly ground coffee, tap basket so coffee settles down, add more coffee to the basket so it is heaped up. Use a knife to flatten coffee mound off. Do not compress coffee after this.

Step 2: Use boiling water to fill the bottom section of the stove top to just under the pressure valve on the side.

Step 3: Place the filter basket into the bottom section and then screw the top on. Place on stove using highest heat setting.

Step 4: The coffee will be pushed up into the top half of the stove top once the water starts to boil. Once the coffee starts splattering out the top, take off stove immediately.

Step 5: Pour coffee into cup (add heated milk at this stage if you like) and enjoy.