We are an Australia wide distributor of LaMarzocco and Wega espresso machines and also Mazzer grinders. We have standard equipment financing available as well as rent, try buy options. We provide Specialty coffee roasting for cafes,carts and online stores. Give us a call to discuss your options.


1) Bespoke cafe partnerships. We develop a plan that suits your individual equipent and coffee needs.

2)Free on Loan options for espresso machines and grinders, choose from our supply of La Marzocco or Wega espresso machines and Mazzer grinders. Financing options for all equipment including rent,try, buy options.

3)Specialty Coffee Roasting.

4)Barista training.


Give us a call today to discuss options. Or contact us via Email.

info@spicebean.com.au  or via our 'contact us' page

Michael Kelly

Mobile: 0430157684

Spicebean Specialty Coffee