Coffee Gear Bench Scale – 2kg

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Coffee Gear dosing scale is designed for larger weighing needs (up to 2kg). Large enough and ideal for weighing with a portafilter.

Features include:
Selectable Auto-off
Overload Protection
Capacity: 2000g
Accuracy: 0.1g
Units of weight: g/oz/ozt (Troy ounces)/dwt (penny weight)
Key functions: ON/OFF, MODE, TARE
Platform dimensions: 150mm x 158mm (stainless steel)
Display: green blacklit LCD
Power: 1 x 9V battery (included)
Warranty: 1 year

Tips for use:
Place the scale on a flat, level surface away from any electronic equipment that may interfere with the scale. Press and release the “ON/OFF” button to turn on the scale. Wait until the LCD display shows “0.0”, then press the “MODE” key to choosed your desired weighing unit. Place the item to be weighed on the platform and wait until the reading is stable. Press the “ON/OFF” button to turn off the scale.

To calibrate:
On the underside of your scale, slide the switch from your auto-off selection to “Calibration”. Now the scale is in calibration mode. When the scale is turned off, press “ON/OFF” key again. Wait until zero is displayed. Press and hold the “MODE” key until the display shows “CAL”, then release the button. Press the “MODE” key again. The required weight (2000g) flashes on the display. Place the required weight onto the centre of the platform. The LCD display reads “PASS” and comes back to the normal weighing mode. Turn the scale over and return the switch from “Calibration” back to your desired auto off selection.